Radu Florin Arsith

Radu Florin Arsith

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First Name * Radu
Last Name * Florin Arsith
Username * raduman
Country * Romania
City Brasov
Nationality romanian
Languages Englishromanian


Current Position Artist;Modeller;Rigger
Areas of Expertise Motion Picture or VideoTeleproductionVFX
Preferred Tools MAYAModelingRiggingPhotoshopTexturingCharactersDesignZBrushCharacter designfinalRenderProject ManagementTelevision Series


Website www.raduarsith.eu


I am a highly skilled CG Artist with a wide experience in working in 3D Production Environment focused on reaching the goals of the project. Specialized in modeling using any type of surfacing (NURBS, Poly or Subdiv); texturing all types of assets - organic or hard surface using Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop and Maya; creating and applying rigs (cartoony, dynamic, Muscles and Bones ) and skinning (smooth, rigid and Muscle System) for creatures and objects (mechanisms); CG Creature Developing from the Conception by Digital Sculpting using Zbrush and Mudbox, in respect to the anatomy, throughout the entire Production Stages. Always interested in challenges. Great team player (compete with yourself - collaborate with the team - trust your team). Able to absorb any type of software and to adapt to any pipeline and work-flow.